Randy Shelly, PMP

Tel:  613-261-1036  -  Email:  randy.shelly@raedwulf-inc.com


Current Projects and Activities

Project Management Services and Business Analysis, Surveillance of Space 2 Project, Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Directorate General Space

Independent Review and Oversight, Radarsat Constellation Mission, Canadian Space Agency.

Owner of Raedwulf Space and Defence Inc.

Owner of SpaceHabitat.org and LinkedIn Space Habitat group.


Past Projects and Activities

Project Management Services, Polar Epsilon 2, Department of National Defence.

Project Management Services, Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) program, Canadian Armed Forces.

Project Management Services, Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), Public Health Agency of Canada.

Spacecraft Subject Matter Expert (SME), Surveillance of Space Project, Department of National Defence.

Project Manager for Sapphire space surveillance satellite system for DND.  Responsibilities included technical and project management.  Sapphire has completed commissioning and is now operational.  All technical requirements have been met with significant performance margins.  Cost is under budget.

Spacecraft Manager for SCISAT atmospheric chemistry science satellite.  Launched 2003 and still functioning flawlessly, "model of cost effectiveness."

Technical Manager for ePOP (Enhanced Polar Outflow Probe) suite of eight plasma instruments on the Cassiope satellite.

Technical Manager for TPA (Thermal Plasma Analyzer) on Japanese Mars mission.

International Space Station Technical Manager for Canadarm2 and Electrical Systems Manager for Mobile Servicing System.


Other Accomplishments

Nine patents in electronic power conversion technology.  Recently developed Easy Orbits orbital mechanics learning application.

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