Randolph (Randy) Shelly, PMP

Project Management


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Project management or systems engineering services




Management of large capital space projects

Systems engineering lead

Project management services to IT enabled projects

Options analysis, business case analysis, project plans

Independent review and oversight of $1B project

Cybersecurity experience

Nine patents in electronics




Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) - University of Waterloo


PMP Certification




Fluent in English, conversant in French


Jun. 2016 – Present


Project 1


Department of National Defence, Ottawa


Senior Project Manager (IT Security), Polar Epsilon 2 (part-time)


Polar Epsilon 2 is DND’s ground system for the Radarsat Constellation Mission.


Providing project management services for the PE2 classified ordering and processing facility.  Includes creation of IT security procedures and general support to the procurement of a Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI).



Dec. 2015 – May 2015


Project 2

Department of National Defence, Ottawa


Senior Project Manager, Logistics Vehicle Modernization Project (LVM) (part-time)


LVM will replace ageing fleets of heavy and light logistics vehicles for the Canadian army.


Produced the LVM Sustainment Options Analysis and Business Case Analysis for the in-service support part of the project.



Jun 2013 - Present


Project 3

National Defence, Ottawa


Senior Project Manager, Surveillance of Space Program (part-time with breaks between work periods)


Surveillance of Space 2 (SofS 2) is the follow-on project to the original Surveillance of Space Project, which resulted in the launch and certification of the Sapphire Satellite System.  SofS 2 is currently in the Options Analysis Phase.  The Surveillance of Space Program provides Space Situational Awareness Data in partnership with the US Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC).


Produced or updated drafts of the Business Case Analysis, Project Charter, Project Brief, Project Complexity and Risk Assessment, and Project Management Plan. Produced detailed cost estimates for six viable system solutions for the Space Based Sensor System.  Produced Work Breakdown Structures, Staffing Plans, and detailed and high level schedules.  Provided programmatic and technical advice to the Project Director.  Produced Mission Requirements documents and Statements of Work. 




Dec. 2014 – Mar. 2015


Project 4


Public Health Agency of Canada


Senior Project Manager (IT Data Mining), GPHIN Renewal Project (part-time)


The Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN) is an IT system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify emerging health risks worldwide by extracting information from various online news sources and social media.  Funding is being sought to upgrade the system to meet current Government of Canada IT standards, and to add new features.


Produced the Options Analysis, Business Case Analysis, Project Charter, Project Brief, Project Complexity and Risk Assessment, and Project Management Plan. Produced Work Breakdown Structures, Staffing Plans, and detailed and high level schedules.  Provided programmatic and technical advice to the Project Director. 



Aug. 2013 – Present


Project 5


Canadian Space Agency


Senior Project Manager, RCM IRO (part-time)


Team Lead for the Radarsat Constellation Mission Independent Review and Oversight (IRO) function.  RCM is a $1B, three-satellite constellation that will replace the existing Radarsat 2 satellite.  The system will provide information on terrestrial and maritime environments.  It will also provide situational awareness information on shipping, using its on-board Automatic Identification System (AIS) in conjunction with radar data.


Review and approve the work of a Project Monitor, Risk Specialist and Contract Specialist in producing an independent assessment of the prime contractor’s performance.  The assessment, in the form of a quarterly report, is provided to the Deputy Ministers’ Governance Committee for Space (DMGC-S).  Produce high-level schedules, schedule analyses and schedule projections.  Attend key project reviews.



Apr. 2004 – May 2013


Project 6

Department of National Defence, Ottawa


Spacecraft Subject Matter Expert (Apr. 2009 – May 2013) (part-time)

Provided technical, project management, and engineering support to the DND Surveillance of Space Project.  Mentored my replacement as project manager, and took on the responsibility of DND project management oversight of the two major subsystems, Bus and Payload.


Project 7

Sapphire Project Manager (Apr 2004 – Mar. 2009) (full-time employee)


Sapphire is DND’s first operational satellite.  It provides Space Situational Awareness (SSA) information to the US Space Surveillance Network (SSN).


Managed the $65M contract for the Sapphire space surveillance system. My knowledge of satellite systems, and commercial and government business practices were important contributors to the success of the project.  As Technical Authourity, I was responsible for certifying that the work was performed in accordance with the contract, statement of work and technical specification.


The Sapphire system was finished below budget and technical performance exceeds spec by a significant margin.  The project is the recipient of the 2014 IM/IT Community Recognition Award in the Excellence in Project Management and the 2015 Alouette Award for outstanding contribution to advancement in Canadian space technology, applications or engineering.


Jul. 1990 – Mar. 2004


Project 8

Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa - Montreal


SCISAT-1 Spacecraft Manager (Jan. 1999 – Aug. 2003) (full-time employee)

This project produced Canada’s first small satellite and its first science satellite in 30 years.  Its science mission was to study atmospheric gases and aerosols. 


Hands-on project manager for the $27M contract for the satellite bus, systems engineering, and integration and test.  Worked with the University of Waterloo (mission science) to define, refine and control requirements.  Gained on-console experience as the Spacecraft Mission Director at the launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base. 


Launch and commissioning were flawless and SCISAT-1 is still fully operational.